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Hygge at Home: Tips for Styling With Wood From Natasha Rue

There is something about the look and feel of a log cabin that many UK homeowners love to experience. The rise in popularity of Scandinavian style has led to a boom in searches for ‘hygge’ home decor, with many of us wanting to replicate some of that cosiness into our own spaces. Even the way we holiday has taken on the trend, with log cabin and bothy-style accommodation popping up everywhere from the Welsh Valleys to the Scottish Highlands.

Filling your space with natural materials has also become super desirable in recent years, as it aligns with the sustainable values that many of us now follow and makes us feel closer to nature. Introducing wood into your home brings earthy textures and tones to your environment, bringing a little of the outside in.

So, how do we introduce a slice of rustic ambience to our homes? We caught up with interior blogger Natasha Rue to ask for her tips and tricks.


What elements define your interior style?   

I would describe my style as “modern vintage”. I love elements of both these design styles and enjoy mixing old and new pieces of furniture or juxtaposing a very traditional looking interior architecture with modern, clean lined furniture. You will notice threads of both running through our house. 
Where do you get your interior inspiration from?   
I draw from both apps such as Instagram and Pinterest as well as interior design magazines like Period Living and Architectural Digest. In addition to these, my lived experience of interior design also heavily influences my style; drawn from the ornate period hotels back home in Zimbabwe, which we often visited on special occasions and the beautiful, earthy tones of the rural homestead that are so familiar and comfortable. 

Wood is becoming a very popular texture to use within homes, what is it that you like best about it? 

I love the warmth wood adds to a space. Just something simple can add a whole lot of character and style to a previously uninteresting room. I am pleased to see it become more popular in the world of interior design. 

We love what you did with our wood in your home, do you have any tips for ‘first timers’ wanting to style wood in their own homes?  
Go with what makes you feel good. Interior design for residential properties serves only one purpose (in my opinion)- to help the residents feel comfortable in their space. I would also say to try and use logs in a way that serves more than one purpose, for example, a statement feature that also serves as storage.


Check out Natasha’s interior shots on Instagram.

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