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Barrow Bag Bundle - 4 x Bags of Kiln-Dried Hardwood Large Pizza Logs (10" x 3")

4 x Barrow Bags of smaller sized, Woodsure Ready to Burn Certified Kiln-Dried Hardwood Firewood for Pizza ovens   Large Pizza Logs 10" x 3" made from kiln dried hardwood and are sized perfectly so that they fit in wood burning pizza ovens (no more chopping logs!). We carried out extensive research and have created logs that are the optimum size and shape, the small section of the log gets the oven hot quickly whereas the long length gives a good burn time. Our Barrow Bag (18" x 18" x 35") is easier to transport and re-cyclable, reducing our carbon footprint and benefitting the environment. Barrow bags have an integrated cover so can be stored outside and we recommend raising the bag off the ground when storing: You can return the barrow bags to your driver when you receive your next delivery.      (ALL BAGS ARE LOOSE FILLED)

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