kiln dried hardwood firewood with trolley
kiln dried hardwood firewood
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Woodsure approved firewood
woodsure and ready to burn certified standard log medium bag in the west midlands

Harrington Woodfuel Co.

Medium bag of Standard logs (240mm)

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These bags are perfect for those who are a little short on space but still need to have a decent supply of wood to hand.

It has an integrated cover so it can be stored outside - we recommend that the bag is raised off the ground if stored externally.

Empty bags can be returned to the driver when you receive your next delivery and we'll try and re-use them as many times as possible.

Fire wood sourced from sustainable British forests and woodlands. Could contain ash, oak, beech, sycamore and other hardwoods. Longs cut to approx. 8-10 inches long. Moisture content: 20% or lower.

This is a Woodsure & 'Ready to Burn' accredited product.