Harrington Woodfuel Co. is a family run business founded in 2010 under a simple philosophy; to make ‘truly good wood fuel’, sustainably sourced in Britain and kiln dried to service the growing residential wood fuel market across the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire as well the the rest of the UK.

Since then we’ve forged strong relationships with local and national forests as well as respected land owners, enabling us to supply homes and business across the country with extremely high-quality British grown products.

In the face of increasing energy prices, consumers are turning to wood burning stoves as a secondary heating system, and reaping the rewards with significantly reduced heating bills. The considerable environmental advantage to using wood as a fuel really seems to be striking a chord with homeowners too - many consumers are citing their desire to reduce their carbon emissions as a key factor in their decision to install a stove.

Phil Wood - Stove Industry Alliance Chairman

How we make our truly good kiln dried fire wood:

Whole trees are delivered direct to us from the forest, whereby we sort and process the wood into small, manageable logs and kindling. The logs are then kiln dried to less than 20% moisture content and re-sorted to ensure you only get the very best quality.