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BBQ the Harrington Way

One thing we can all rely on is that the British weather is unreliable.

The heatwave we are all (trying) to enjoy has been with us for over 40 days now and is set to continue throughout July and August. And being what the British weather is, we all know that we have to do two things, firstly complain that whilst we like a bit of sun – this is just too hot for us and secondly that we have to make the most of it whilst it lasts – lets face it, we just don’t trust the weather. 

Un-acclimatised to actually having sunny days in the summer in the UK we do our best to enjoy it, novices that we are – and what better way that a good ol’ bbq in the back garden with beer in hand. And relax… 

In keeping with our ethos of supplying sustainable, environmentally sensitive products to our lovely, loyal customers we wouldn’t want to see you left to wander the aisles of the garden centre in this heat so we bring you the king of all charcoals from the Oxford Charcoal Company. British, fast lighting and additive free, this really is the way to go if you want to barbeque the right way – in our humble opinion. 

The Oxford Charcoal company pride themselves on offering charcoal crafted with care in small batches from sustainable British woodlands. It is made using traditional methods in hand-built kilns with the lowest emissions in the industry. A variety of different woods are carefully blended so that it will add superb flavours to your food. 

The charcoal is easy to light and ready to use in 15 minutes, it has a high carbon content and no nasty chemicals added. The charcoal is graded for consistent lump size, an even burn and controllable temperature meaning it should last longer than inferior alternatives. In addition, the high fixed carbon content means that it won’t smoke heavily – good news for your neighbours washing. 

5kg bags of the gourmet British charcoal are now available to buy through our website or by calling in to our onsite shop in Wythall. Priced at £16 per bag. 

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