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Harrington Woodfuel gets Ready to Burn accreditation

Whenever you see the Ready to Burn logo you are guaranteed good quality hardwood that is dried and ready for use.

Recently launched by Woodsure, the UKs only wood fuel quality assurance scheme, the Ready to Burn initiative helps homeowners to look after their stoves and improve air quality by guaranteeing good quality hardwood with 20% moisture content or drier.

The government backed Ready to Burn scheme sets a benchmark for wood fuels in the UK to help consumers identify wood that has been carefully sourced and is ready for immediate use. 

Last month the Government published it’s new ‘Clean Air Strategy’ for consultation, which sets out plans to improve air quality across the country. It looks at emissions from a range of sources such as agriculture, industry but also wood-burning stoves with the aim of improving health and the environment. 

According to experts the burning of ‘wet’ or unseasoned wood and smoky solid fuels is the main problem affecting air quality. The smoke given off by wet wood contains harmful particulates which pollute the atmosphere and are damaging to health. 

To get wet wood to heat a room requires boiling off the moisture before the wood will burn to produce heat, the smoke that is created in the process damages the chimney, blackens the stove and pollutes the air. DEFRA advises leaving wet or unseasoned wood for 2 years before it is ready to be burned. 

Look out for the Ready to Burn logo on our kiln dried logs for wood that has been certified by Woodsure as sustainably sourced in Britain and has a moisture content of 20% or less so is ready to use as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. 

Burning properly seasoned or kiln-dried wood with a moisture content of less than 20%, in a well-maintained stove is the advised way to continue using your wood burning stove, reducing the impact on the environment and your health dramatically. 

Dry wood, such as all the Ready to Burn kiln dried logs sold at Harrington Woodfuel Co. produce significantly fewer particulates, is more heat efficient and means less maintenance to your wood burning appliance. Chimneys are less likely to block and will be easier to clean. 

Thinking about buying a new stove? Check out the list of DEFRA approved makes and models: 

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