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We try to make sustainability at the heart of everything we do here at Harrington Woodfuel Co. and we like to think we embrace the mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ wherever possible.

With this in mind we’ve changed the way we package our Large Bag of Logs which used to come to you in a single air flow bag and included approximately 1m3 of sustainably sourced, British kiln dried hardwood logs.

Now, for the same price of £94 the firewood will be delivered in 4 x 0.25m3 medium bags loose filled with our lovely kiln dried firewood.

Unfortunately the packaging we were using for the Large Bag of Logs could only be used once before it had to be discarded. In addition the bulky nature of the packaging meant that we could only transport a limited number of large bags at a time meaning more trips back to the yard for re-stocking and so more fuel being used and more exhaust fumes being emitted.

We decided to trial replacing the single use large bag with four, smaller reusable bags in January this year. By using four medium bags instead of the single air flow bag we found that not only do customers get slightly more wood, we can fit more bags in our van and don’t need to make as many trips back to the yard to restock.

In addition we now use a lot less single use packaging like clear plastic cellophane and plastic strapping. The medium bags can be used time and time again so long as they are in a good condition. Leave them out for the driver when you get your next delivery and we’ll do our best to reuse them as many times as possible.

We’ve had a fantastic response from customers to this change; for many it means that they can easily move the wood to where they need to store it, often without having to empty the bags and restack it as the wood can quite happily be stored in the bags.

These bags come with an integrated cover, so we just need to pop a plastic bag over the top if it looks like rain (we hope you’ll re-use these too – for your kitchen bin maybe?).

And because the bags are more portable we will do our best to deliver them to the most convenient place for you, as close to your home as possible – even if you have a gravel driveway!

We’ll shortly have a stock of sack trucks so you can make transporting your wood even easier – watch this space.


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