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Winter ready with Harrington Woodfuel Co. Ltd.

Are you winter ready?

We know, we know it's only August but it certainly doesn't feel it right now!

Which got us thinking are we winter ready? The answer here is yes, but how do you get winter ready? With our top tips you can make your winter warm, cosy and stress free.

Harrington's How to be 'winter ready' top tips.

  1. Gauge how much wood you useIf you don't know we can help you, call our office and we can give you an average of your usage (if you've order from us before).
  2. Order early. It may feel a bit strange ordering firewood over the summer months. But by doing so you'll avoid extended winter deliver times and get great summer discounts of your kiln-dried firewood.
  3. Storage. Log stores are a great way to keep your kiln-dried firewood dry and ready to burn.
  4. Pre-book.  If you burn firewood regularly we recommend pre-booking throughout the season to secure your delivery spots.
  5. Sit back and get cosy by the fire!

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